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The structural component industry continues to grow at a tremendous rate. As a result, there are many types of jobs available to individuals at every skill and education level. Contact a SBCA member in your job search area about openings for any one of these types of jobs. It is very likely a position will be available.

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Accounting/Inventory Clerk - (Office - Accounting Staff) 29
Performs a variety of tasks relating to the company’s overall financial status and inventory. May place orders for supplies. Logs and tracks supply and demand. Creates compilation and advises management of performance.
Accounts Payable Clerk - (Office - Accounting Staff) 30
Processes bills, invoices and claims. Verifies payables and may compile data for periodic reports. Oversees and monitors outflow of funds.
Accounts Receivable Clerk - (Office - Accounting Staff) 31
Collects payments and deposits from customers and advises customers on policies and guidelines. Deposits receivables into bank, compiles reports and sends out late notices.
Assembly Leader - (Plant Personnel) 2
First line working supervisor over a small crew of personnel performing assembly. Function requires ability to interpret set-up sheets including dimension checks for conformance to drawings and ability to keep crew on a production schedule. In charge of minor machinery repair and adjustments and possibly routine maintenance. Normally requires one or more years of production experience.
Assembly Personnel - (Plant Personnel) 3
Performs one or more repetitive jobs on an assembly line or sub-assembly line to produce and assemble products. Involves such processes as insertion of materials, clamping, fitting parts and use of some hand tools. Entry level position requiring some on-the-job training.
Beginning Truss Technician - (Technical & Information Technology Staff) 25
In addition to draftsperson’s responsibilities, understands loading conditions and is able to use company design software packages. Has knowledge of equipment used in plant and how to produce efficient cutting for same.
Catcher at Saws - (Plant Personnel) 8
Handles material on the off-load conveyor side of a component saw. Cooperates with the component saw operator. May be required to check material for accuracy of cutting set-up. Stacks and loads chords, web members and truss parts on shop carts or buggies. Bands the material, marks the order number and type and moves to area for forklift or conveyor removal.

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